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My Story

Art In Da Stu (less commonly known as art inside the studio) is the dream of a 20 year old man (me) coming to light. Want to know more about my dreams you weirdo? Come and learn with me...

Sacred Geometry

One topic I am in love with and passionate about is the art of sacred geometry, not just pretty symmetrical lines on a canvas sacred geometry is something with deep meaning that is actually observable in the real world (outside with grass and stuff). Nature has a funny way of prevailing through time and expanding its seemingly infinite culture. Many plants often resemble in some way or another a mathematical formula or pattern, such as spirals or petals forming the Fibonacci sequence (more on this later). What we can learn from nature is its tenacity to grow and its unrelenting desire to do so, not in a desperate ugly way but in a way that is somehow incredibly fascinating and mathematically perfect. Take for example the hemispheres of the human brain, the left is responsible for analytical and logical thinking, whereas the right is for intuition and creativity. Now I can't speak for everyone reading this, but just by looking at this Romanesco broccoli for example creates a bizarre feeling of satisfaction throughout my brain.

Shoutout to Steven Lasry

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